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MASTER’S THESIS SUBJECT TO FIND – Guides & Topics database

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September 12 MASTER’S THESIS SUBJECT TO FIND – Guides & Topics Database

Find thesis topic – Guide

Find a thesis topic is not always easy. At the end of the course is the writing of a scientific thesis (dissertation, thesis, dissertation, thesis, etc.) to take a final hurdle. Once you have all the seminars, lectures, conferences and the like, which are prescribed in your curriculum done, you concern yourself with choosing a theme for your dissertation or Master’s thesis . Related to this is not only the selection of a to-do within the prescribed period theme, but also to understand which supervisor is best suited to assist you in your projects.

The choice of topics is an essential part of the writing process, before other work, research work and literature review must be completed in the course of writing a scientific paper, such as construction and Outline a master’s thesis . It should also be completed before the registration of the dissertation or master’s thesis at the examination office. Inform yourself also about specific deadlines which you must meet! Usually you have between notification to the examination office and the delivery of the final thesis only a certain amount of time available. This is part of any good planning of housework, and thesis. About backing bar you imagine the issue only after the registration, you lose in most cases a lot of valuable time that’s going out later in researching, Literature Search and writing.

The subject of a master’s thesis

The choice of topic is a complex process that usually takes a long time. For this reason, it is advisable that you early on’re concerned about a possible issue because during the choice of topics, many aspects must be considered. Please note, it is important that the quality of the theme usually directly determines the quality of the dissertation or thesis.

The following questions serve you as a suggestion to find a suitable topic:

  • subject area or topic interests you the most?
  • you specialize you in the course of the thesis on a particular area, because you need this in later job?
  • before you continue your education after the thesis or master thesis? You aspire a scientific career?
  • whom and for what companies and institutions could have your chosen topic relevance?
  • you encountered during your studies in the course of a seminar, a lecture or a lecture on a topic that you did very interested?

It is important in all discussions that you can identify yourself with the topic. There is little to choose a topic from a purely “strategic” considerations. Usually, the writing of a final thesis is a long process that is easier on the hand, if you look very interested in the theme chosen. Otherwise, it is possible that you lose the motivation – not least interrupt their studies due to such problems from

Methods of choice of subject

To an adequate topic for your dissertation or thesis to find, there are several suggestions or methods. It is important, however, to clarify in advance what should be the goal that you have to follow with your work. It is sufficient to write a literature review? Or your dissertation or thesis must contain a high proportion of own research? In this regard, on the one hand, the individual types of theses, but also on the part of supervisors and evaluators differ, there are different views.

The following list is a wealth of options from which you can draw to find a suitable topic.

  • about whether you are encountered in the course of study on interesting aspects of your department that you could pick up in the course of your examination paper (see Bänsch & Alewell 2013:. 45). Perhaps you already own Managers is very important. In most cases, your supervisor will, however, consider it important that students make topic suggestions themselves. Think you in this case in advance a possible topic about which you can discuss with him (cf. Stickel Wolf & Wolf 2013:. 108). Do some research in this regard in advance, because sometimes be relevant listings and find templates, such as here: 1 Fig. Theme examples of the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich

Other methods for the choice of subject

  • some disciplines it is possible to write thesis in a company . Your advantages are that you establish a contact with a company in this way, for you can work in certain circumstances after graduation. Other advantages are that you can be rewarded for creating work and that You can rely on in-house resources. The disadvantage is that Bachelor’s and Master’s works are written for a company that are provided usually with a lock note , since they contain sensitive company information that should not become public.
  • resource with regard to the choice of subjects are themed pools that exist for some fields of study. Do some research in this regard on the Internet! Two examples: Fig. 2: Topics Stock Exchange at the University of Vienna Fig. 3: Themes exchange Munich University of Technology
  • attention to notes of lecturers and professors to not answer research questions. In some cases useful, but still unanswered topics in lectures, discussions and seminars are addressed (see Bänsch & Alewell 2013: 45).
  • . yet unprocessed Research Questions are also found in scientific literature on that topic.

What qualities must have an adequate topic?

The finding topics for a dissertation or thesis is a process that must be completed at a very early stage of the work. An efficient working out planning and writing your thesis is only possible if the subject is precisely fixed. If this is not the case, the result is usually a scientific work whose significance is reduced because it is too superficial either does not hit the core of the issue right to the point or is not established consistent. The following aspects have to be considered therefore:

  • sure you narrow your chosen topic and to choose only a small portion of an extensive subject. Kruse (2010: 78) are in this respect the following examples:
  • topic must have a professional related to your studies have, because with the Bachelor thesis or Master’s thesis You shut this off.
  • research whether there are enough secondary literature in order to work the issue adequately (see grain Meier 2013:. 48)
  • ! an issue that has relevance to establish a link to the current research.
  • is also important that this is an issue that has not been dealt with in your chosen out the form, because a claim of science is to create new knowledge (see Stickel Wolf & Wolf 2013:. 109 ).

The choice of the supervisor of the thesis

Closely related to the choice of subject is to select an appropriate supervisor. Since each professor has certain research areas, it is understandable that it can not cover every all sorts of topics. therefore Think about already during the choice of subject, which of the available lecturer Your desire theme can serve best!

To ensure that your request supervisor has enough time capacity available to serve your thesis or Master’s thesis , it is advisable to early establish contact with him. You will benefit from discussing at a very early stage of the thesis first questions regarding the planned choice of topic. It is possible that you already get specific suggestions for topics in these first conversations or valuable information, you simplify the search for an adequate topic!


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